About Us

Last Chance Ranch Inc. is a multi-generational Company that deal largely in the renewable markets.  While the contacting side has been going for over 35 years, Last Chance Ranch stepped into the renewables market in 2010 and has been expanding more ever since.

Last Chance Ranch Inc. is a fully diversified company that can satisfy multiple different types of clients or a combination of needs for a single client.  From complete planning to finish full on-site Agricultural and Commercial Demolition of Buildings, silos, grain bins, timber, Rock piles, and machinery scrap metal.

Last Chance Ranch Inc. turns all of their demo into new value-added products and sends very limited materials such as asbestos to local landfills.  Last Chance Ranch has many options to help the landowner to save money on the costs of demo work like a reduction in taxes, reduced insurance liability and cost share rebates or other options that can be discussed prior to contract.

Last Chance Ranch Inc is the largest supplier of reclaimed barn wood and rustic metal in the Midwest.   They are a wholesale and a retail supplier of the vast selection of materials for the contractor, architect, commercial, or residential consumer.  No project is too large or too small for Last Chance Ranch.

Last Chance Ranch Inc. is your premiere headquarters for residential and commercial interior décor from the design and planning phase all the way through to completion of the construction.  Last Chance Ranch specializes in Bar Rescues and increasing profitability for business owners for Bars, Restaurants, office spaces, store exteriors, and display kiosks.  Let Last Chance Ranch help you increase your profits to achieve your business goals.

Furthermore, DIY enthusiasts can purchase an array of materials and barn finds to make their projects shine.

Business Partnerships

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